Liubov Juravliova- Painter like no other…

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Liubov means « love » in Russian, however the artist prefers Luba, as the diminutive of her given name.

Luba is a painter who has been painting since childhood, nurturedand always ecouraged by her father who was himself a painter.
Her talent developed in an atmosphere of love and support enhance by feelings and desire for artistic creativity.
Her education in Fine Arts and stylist training make her a painter of rising noteriety: she has won multiple medals and awards in international competitions and in 2015 became laureate of « Meilleur Ouvrier de France » (Best craftsman in France), in the class painting on the silk.
Since 2009 Luba is listed and regularly shows at Hotel    Drouot    in Paris.
She specializes in working with material and volume. The clear touch of femininity and refinement of the artist’s Slavic sytle can be found in her creations.
Her work is a reflection of ongoing experimentation in techniques and playing with materials and textures such as acrylic paint, oil, collage, rhinestones pearl, and gold leaf on canvas.
Liubov Juravliova Liubov has works exhibited in the galleries in Paris, Dubai, New York, and the Museum of Bourges.

Luba’s next exhibition will take place at the Musée des Arts et Métiers in Paris in 2017.

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